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Metro Magazine
October 2007
"...a delicious adventure..."

Sun Star Daily, Davao
September 2007
"No body was inflicted with diarrhea during the tour."
Manila Bulletin
September 2007
"...packs an adventure for any leisurely wanderer."
Sunday Inquirer Magazine
June 2007
" Chinatown, horse dung stench included, never fails."
Businessworld HIGHLIFE
June 2007
"The flavors are varied...and recounting Philippine history in a manner that is quite enjoyable."

Philippine Daily Inquirer
May 2007
"It is impossible not be taken by their engaging , positive energy that makes their fellow Pinoys see something new, interesting and beautiful in this grand country of ours

Manila Bulletin
May 2007
"...will certainly inject a new sense of wonder when you wander on the same streets!"
Good Housekeeping
March 2007
" ...guaranteed to be easier on the pocket tan most vacations, plus, it's a welcome alternative to those weekend trips to the mall."
2BU! The Philippine Daily Inquirer
March 2007
"...fed our minds with stories of scandal, tenacity,rumors, perseverance and love affairs....(the tour) was fun and delicous!"
Dessert Comes First
February 2007
"...streetwalker and urban explorer extraordinaire."
Business Traveller Magazine (Hong Kong)
Januar/February 2007
"...excecellent raconteurs who can keep any group size enthralled with their patter their patter the Philippines' past."

Lonely Planet Philippines 2006 edition
“ …has deep knowledge of Manila and its history and culture… an expert at ferreting out the often overlooked gems of the city…maybe the best thing that has happened in Manila tourism in decades!”

Food Magazine
June, 2006
“If you take this Binondo tour, it’s worth it.”

Philippine Daily Inquirer
June, 2006
“THE best way to explore the city of Manila is by taking a walking tour.”

April, 2006
“Tsinoy culture comes to life when he does unforgettable food walks through the kitchens of Binondo for a memorable encounter with the Chinese culture of taste.”

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong)
March, 2006
“Old Manila Walks is reacquainting Filipinos with the notion that they actually have a rich history. And they’re doing it step by step.
Market Manila
September, 2005
“It was brilliant to see Chinatown through the eyes of an expert. Definitely worth taking if you are at all curious about what great culinary finds Binondo has to offer.”
Citiguide Metro Manila
July-August 2005
“Over two hundred years of history covered in two hours. Indeed, reliving our country’s past couldn’t be more entertaining…It’s amazing how much you can learn by simply going out for a walk.”
And straight from their mouths!
“Went on the Big Binondo Food Wok tour and found that it fed both my mind and my stomach very well! I would encourage local foodies who are also interested in social & architectural history to go on this walk!”
- Grace Kho, Philippines
“Having been on your tours twice in succession (with my officemates, then with family), I can confidently say that the experience is something people of different ages and interests will appreciate. From the food, to the architecture, to the cultural trivia, to (for my older relatives) the trip down memory lane, there was something for everyone.”
- Katrina Lagman, Philippines
“We loved your tour. You were funny, serious, historical and gossipy, all at once. You included the architecture, politics and history of Manila in a lovely package.“
- Lena Zezulin, USA
"We had so much fun in the tour we lingered on to talk about art...we're definitely starting the year with a lot of inspiration!"
- Ria Dumdum, Philippines
"Just a short note to thank you for the BIG Binondo Food Wok tour you did for my family and friends last Sunday morning. We all really enjoyed it! We will be Sure to recommend Old Manila walks to anyone we know heading to Manila."
- Warren D.Thomas, Singapore
"Just wanted to thank you for the great tour of Manila. Was great that I could join the ladies and meet another side of Philippine life. Thought the tour went really well, will certainly recommend you to any
friends travelling!"

- Geoff Kidson, Zimbabwe

"...thank you for the marvellous afternoon I had in
Chinatown, walking with your company...It made of my Manila stay much more fun !!! "
- Luciana Guimaraes, Spain

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