Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need a reservation to take a walk?
Reservations are required for all tours. And it's easy as 1-2-3, just email or text to confirm attendance and you’re booked! Private groups should notify us ahead of time to have priority booking. Contact us to make a reservation.

How will I recognize the guide?
He will the most enlightened looking chap with an Old Manila Walks placard.

How long do the walks last?
Depends on our pacing and how big the group is. Normally, the BIG Binondo Food Wok takes four hours (food stops included); Power, Palace; Mounds, Magnates and Walls of THIS Content is three hours in length. Private groups have the privilege to tailor the length according to their own pace.

What is the medium?
All tours are done in English. Filipino and Mandarin guided walks available upon request.

How do I get to the meeting point?
You drive or take public transportation. Contact us for directions.

Do you arrange private walks?
Yes we do. Private tours have a required minimum number of six (6) or more. Private rates apply for private groups. Contact us to make a reservation.

What if our group's under the minimum required number?
You may opt to join another group whose booked on your preferred date (subject to availability) or settle for the minimum group rate.

Are walks given year-round?
For most part, yes. Public tours - meaning anyone can just sign up- are always on a weekend. Private tours at any date of your convenience for as long as the date’s free. Contact us for schedules.

What if it rains?
Bring an umbrella. We keep walking except when there’s a typhoon (natural or political) or when we’re drying our walking shoes (!). Be sure to contact us should you have any doubts on the continuation any particular tours.

And kids?
We love having them as long as they can pound the pavement without crying. Also if they’re willing to trying new kinds of food. We do our best to make history and culture be as fun and interesting as playing dolls and computer games (!).

Do you customize tours?
You bet we do! Walking tours are perfrect for enchancing school lesons, birthday parties, conventions and even corporate retreats! We'll lovingly craft each tour for special interest groups. Contact us for details.

How do we pay?
Simple. Just drop your payment inside our show hat at the end of each tour!

How do we settle?
For security reaons and to ensure your slots, we encourage pre-payment by deposit. Contact us for details.

For Binondo and San Miguel tours, would you have concessions for vegetarians/Muslims?
Yes that can be arranged prior, please notify us ahead. Please take note the concession to these special diets (specifically to the Binondo WOK) is limited due to food availability, as such the walk will still follow its regular tasting menu.

In what church in Manila can you find a kangaroo and aborigines?
Uhh…we’re getting ahead…we’ll tell you the answer at the right time. Take a walk with us!

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