Ivan Man Dy

Conceptualized, manufactured, bred and educated in the city of Manila, Ivan is the feet behind Old Manila Walks. Before he finally took to the streets, he was an active museum guide as well as a staunch heritage preservation activist.  Now, he has found his calling being seasoned urbanite, a self-designated life-long citizen and ambassador of Manila.  Since 2005, he has led the thousands of happy walking hordes down his city's most historic quarters.  Four years on and countless calluses later, he is still loving every step of the way. 



A freelance photographer and writer, Anson got interested in the history of Manila when he was doing research on it. From there he dwelled deeper into the city's story until it became a passion for him. Rather than keep all for himself, he has decided that it would be best to share it with everyone. He now delights in sharing what he has learned about Manila with visitors.

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